How The Right bathroom Vanity And Floor Tiles Create The Best Looking Bathroom

How The Right bathroom Vanity And Floor Tiles Create The Best Looking Bathroom

A Bathroom’s Vanity and Floor Tiles are Central to Renovation

While a bathroom consists of different components, from fixtures to flooring, the end result of a renovation must be appear seamless and cohesive. The overall decorative look must be reflective of a distinctive, single style. Of all the elements that make up a successful bathroom renovation, none contribute more to the room’s ambiance than the bathroom’s vanity and floor tiles.

The bathroom vanity and floor tiles are the most prominent visual features of any bathroom. The challenge of choosing the right combination is complicated by the special considerations imposed by the bathroom’s use.

Bathrooms are, by their nature, small and moisture-dense areas. Vanities must offer storage solutions for not only the present, but also for the family’s future use. Flooring must not only invite the eye without highlighting the room’s parameters, but also be durable against setting water. Like any room’s renovation, not only the needs of the current residents must be analyzed, but also the needs of future occupants to protect the home’s resale value.

The renovation’s budget is the first factor to consider. Closely tied to this is the timetable. If a small budget can be supplemented in the near future, then high-end investments can be pieced together over time. Never stretch any renovation more than 18 months. The hassle isn’t worth it and the future can always change.

Next, consider the style of the rest of your home. Whether your home is traditional or modern, your bathroom should match. There are plenty of creative and unique options to fit your home’s backdrop.

To the regret of most homeowners, materials are often overlooked in favor of aesthetics. Marble vanities do not work well in most bathrooms because they are prone to water stains. Engineered stone, however, is durable and recreates a high-end look. Wood flooring looks great, but, unless professionally installed with high-priced treatments, will not hold up to moisture. Ceramic tile, by contrast, offers durability and visual interest.

Bathroom vanities and floor tiles are the centerpieces to your bathroom. These two elements should match one another, as well as the rest of your home, in stylistic tone. Thanks to modern manufacturing, there are plenty of choices to fit every decor and budget.