My Garden Is My Oasis

Life these days, even in small towns, can be hectic and demanding. The internet, cable TV, our families and our offices are all crying out for our attention on a daily basis. Heart attacks, ulcers and tension headaches are becoming commonplace in our culture and men and women are in desperate need of a place where they can retreat from the rat race and rest their souls.

The Garden Solution

It may seem a simple solution to modern day stress, but spending a little time in the garden each day can greatly reduce the tension in your daily life. In amongst the roses or vegetables growing high, you can take a deep breath and let the cares of the world slide from your shoulders.

Instead of taking pills to reduce your stress levels, many people are finding that sitting quietly in their garden can slow the rapid beating of their heart and reduce health eroding stress levels. The fragrance, beauty and retreat from busyness that a garden provides may be just what modern man needs to remain stable in a frenetic world.

To Sow or not to Sow

The question arises frequently as to whether it is the process of planting a garden or the simple enjoyment of a garden already planted provides the most notable health enhancing benefits for people. Depending on your nature, you may find a heightened sense of enjoyment from tilling your own soil, planting your own seed and watching your garden bloom before your eyes.

However, if it is not in your nature to enjoy the planting process, you may still reap significant healthy enhancing benefits from simply sitting in a garden and appreciating the beauty and solace found therein. The important thing is to know yourself and understand whether creating your own garden will serve as a release or an added stress for your daily life.

Whether you sow your own garden or enjoy the fruit of another’s labor, the relaxation you find from sitting in a garden oasis may become evident in the overall health of your person.