Outdoor furniture and pavers create a gracious outdoor living space

Outdoor Furniture and Pavers Create a Gracious Outdoor Living Space

An elegant and comfortable outdoor living space can be created in any yard with the use of the many styles and colors of pavers offered. A wide variety of outdoor furniture in beautiful styles is available these days.

The first step is to choose the area where you wish to create your outdoor room. The most suitable spot is just outside a door from a kitchen area, making it convenient for food preparation for outdoor meals as well as serving drinks or snacks. A relatively flat area is preferable. Depending on the individual yard, and the desired size of the outdoor living space, some digging and leveling may be required. A bi-level room is also possible, and can be very attractive. Retaining walls and steps can be built using stones in styles and colors complementary to the pavers. Including stone or concrete planters as part of your design is lovely, and adds immeasurably to the overall look and beauty of the finished space.

While planning, give thought to your planned use of this outdoor living space, in order to allow enough room. You may want just a small sitting area to enjoy your garden and drink tea while watching the birds and butterflies, or you may want a large enough space to entertain thirty friends. Look at outdoor furniture with an eye to your needs as well as style and color. Choices include couches, chairs, rockers, hammocks, fire-pits, side tables, dining tables and chairs, and outdoor lamps.

Home improvement stores which sell pavers, sand, plastic sheets, and the other materials needed to complete the project also have brochures with ideas and designs you may wish to use for your own outdoor room. The advantage to using a ready-made design is that it tells you precisely how many of each size or style of paver you need for your preferred size and pattern. Some do-it-yourself types prefer to design their own room, which entails calculating the needed materials. Some homeowners favor hiring a landscaper to design and build their outdoor room. Any of these is very workable and will give you a beautiful room; the choice depends on the skills and abilities-and to some extent the budget-of each person.

Once the pavers, retaining walls, and planters have been completed, it’s time to furnish your space. Plant your flowers, arrange your furniture, and enjoy your new outdoor living space.