Paint a Ceiling, Change a Room

Paint a Ceiling, Change a Room

The right ceiling color can reshape a whole room and create a different atmosphere. It’s the most sophisticated decorating change you can make to any space.

Here are some things to know when choosing a paint color and preparing to paint.


    • White, or off white, paint is often chosen as a ceiling color because it gives the illusion of a high ceiling. Medium tones and darker colors, such as a navy or dark brown, visually bring the ceiling lower and create a cozy, smaller space. Using a dark color on a low ceiling, like a seven to eight foot height, may make the room feel claustrophobic or cave like. In a taller room with a ten to twelve foot ceiling or higher, a darker ceiling can help pull the space into more realistic proportions. Suggestions: Stay in the light to medium tones in a low ceiling room to affect a subtle change.

  • Buy a good quality paint product. Cheaper often indicates a poor quality product. Poor quality paint products generally have a less sophisticated color pallet and are usually thin, requiring more coats of paint. If you buy quality, you will get the job done faster and the color will be more sophisticated. Suggestion: Search for sales at the local home stores to get the quality products at better prices.
  • Always allow paint to dry thoroughly between coats. Applying a second or third coat to paint that is not completely dry means you are pushing gummy paint around on a surface. In the later stages of drying, additional paint can lead to flaking and peeling. Eliminating this mess is difficult. Suggestion: Use a fan to help the drying process.
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