Matresses types

Matresses types

When we buy a mattress we have a wide range of mattresses:
– Spring
– Latex
– viscoelastic
– futon
– air
– Adjustable Beds
– Water
– Foam
– mats
– Double mattress

Apart from a variety of bases (mattresses, couches, mats, pillows and accessories …). There are two words that always go together with our mind relax mattress. The mattress is the most important.

The spring mattress is the most widespread. When you buy a spring mattress has to be considered:
– The type of steel for springs
– The gauge of wire
– The number of springs
– A pad of good quality
– And a good trim.
There are two basic configurations: continuous wire and single spring (which in turn there are multiple variants).
The continuum consists of a wire in a zig-zag or double spiral. The system provides very good support, but does not isolate the movements of the person you are sleeping.
In that of individual springs these are interconnected by wires. If the connections are poor mattress will deform with use.
The ends of the springs are attached to the insulation. Above this is the upholstery.
Some have a summer side made light fibers such as cotton and other fibers winter warm as wool.
The outer layer of tissue is mixed. The tissue type affects the price.
The areas most deform over time are those that support greater pressure, this is hip, shoulders, head and feet. It is good that they are reinforced for maximum durability.

The latex mattress is basically a latex core wrapped in a quilt. From this basic concept of technology varies from one manufacturer to another. It is common to have holes to allow airflow.

Under this heading there are two materials that have little relationship to each other: the natural and synthetic latex. The natural tree from rubber, while the synthetic chemistry is the result of the oil.
Are not equal: the synthetic latex has a smell more pronounced than natural. It also feels more rubbery to the touch and fits just under the body. The plastic is also more expensive. Often sold mixed with a percentage more or less natural, it should be reported in the label.

When you go to buy a latex mattress, read the label. If it says “100% latex, but does not clarify whether synthetic or natural, it is probably synthetic. Only if it says “100% natural latex”really know you’re buying a natural latex mattress.

The viscoelastic copy the shape of the body as a mold. Thanks to this the pressure is distributed evenly over the entire body, avoiding pressure points that impede movement. The consequence is that we move less and thus the more restful sleep.
It is used in hospitals for people with severe and long periods in bed. But to adapt so well to the body, it is cumbersome to move in it, which upsets some.

Futons consist of a bag of cotton or other materials stuffed natural (the original) or more recently synthetic. Can be used as a sofa by day and bed at night.

Current designs mimic the appearance of the spring classics. Unlike these, the core is an air chamber instead of springs. They usually offer various levels of hardness and this can often be adjusted by inflating or deflating.

Inflatable mattresses are very popular now as an extra bed for occasional use by the small space they occupy to keep them. Some of them include an automatic inflation system very useful.

There are beds that can adjust the position of the area of the head or feet. The mattress can not be any, must be specially designed to accommodate a variable geometry, and may be spring or foam. Its quality is very important because the strain is the main cause of deterioration of a mattress.

Years ago it was fashionable, and still continue to sell.
Consist of a core-cell waterproof (usually chloride) filled with water, wrapped in a tapestry that isolates and enhances comfort. His current appearance is similar to the classic spring.

It is a polyurethane foam core wrapped in a cloth. They sell different densities give different hardnesses. Some are laminated with layers of different foams.

Under this name are grouped all mattresses thinner and lower quality, since in their manufacture is often used fewer items and more flights. There are some springs, foam, latex, etc..
They are suitable for occasional usebut not recommended for sleeping daily.

For the special use will give some mattresses, their characteristics are different from common usage. For example, the law requires trains to be fireproof material (not flammable).