Two Tricks to Affordable Home Renovation: Fireplace Inserts and Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Home renovation need not mean redoing the entire home. Maybe you’d just like to make small, affordable changes to your living area. Adding fireplace inserts or a ventless gas fireplace both of which can be inexpensive to a bedroom, living room or kitchen might be just the ticket. Either fireplace inserts or a ventless gas fireplace can bring the wonder of a beautiful fire to your home environs, making an area cozy, inviting and mesmerizing.

Napoleon Fireplaces is the name in high quality ventless gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts. All of Napoleon Fireplaces’ products are technologically advanced for the highest efficiency, the most superior quality and finest award winning designs in the industry. You’ll really save money if you buy fireplace inserts or ventless gas fireplace from Napoleon Fireplaces, for you’ll have it for years to come.

Napoleon EPI-1402 Fireplace InsertSo what are fireplace inserts for, you might be wondering? Fireplace inserts can turn your inefficient fireplace that you don’t use into efficient, retrofitted machines that save you money on your heating bills. Fireplace inserts can also add beauty and equity to your home. The fireplace inserts Napoleon Fireplaces makes come in wood burning, pellet burning and gas fireplace insert options. Choose the heating option you prefer the convenience of gas or the eco-friendliness of pellet or wood fireplace inserts. It’s up to you. Maybe you prefer just turning on a gas line and having that roaring, natural looking fire only Napoleon Fireplaces gas fireplace inserts, such as the GDI-44 “Inspiration” basic direct vent gas fireplace inserts afford. Truly an inspiration, it’s heater rated, creates up to 40,000 BTUs and has a diagonal viewing area of 42″ to watch Napoleon Fireplaces’ world renowned Yellow Dancing Flame½ burner system and realistic hand painted Phazer½ logs that will fool you into thinking you’re watching a real wood fire burn. Perhaps you’d love the crackling roar of a real wood fire instead. Well, there are Napoleon Fireplaces fireplace inserts for you in this category too. For example, you might opt for one of the popular Napoleon EPI-1402 fireplace inserts. These fireplace inserts are the most popular on the market and fit fireplaces 32″ H x 44 1″ W, so they’re perfect for most masonry fireplaces. With 70,000 BTUs of power on high burn, you’ll warm an area of 1600 sq. ft. easily, saving you on your heating bills. It, and most other wood fireplace inserts, qualify for the EPA tax credit you’ve been hearing about, too. With this, you can save up to $1500 on your taxes when you take 30% of the purchase and installation price of your insert, up to $5000, off your return. You’ll also be using environmentally friendly wood, a renewable resource. So be eco-friendly and choose wood burning fireplace inserts. Or go even greener and choose Napoleon Fireplaces wood pellet fireplace inserts! Wood pellet fireplace inserts are being touted in the industry as perhaps the most eco-friendly way to save the earth, one fireplace insert at a time. With the Napoleon Fireplaces NPI45 Fireplace Inserts, you get convenience, economy and environmentally friendly. The EPA tax credit is also applicable here, so you can rest assured these fireplace inserts are going to save you money, not only this year on your taxes, but also every year thereafter. You can just fill it and forget it, load the hopper with pellets and let it burn for up to 45 hours! Enjoy anywhere from 8,000 to 40,000 BTUs and keep your area as warm as you like with these Napoleon Fireplaces fireplace inserts. Remarkable for renovating: Napoleon Fireplaces fireplace inserts.

Maybe you don’t have an old fireplace that needs renovating. Well have no fear you can still get a fine Napoleon Fireplaces product without worrying that your home has no venting system, either. How, you wonder? With a Napoleon Fireplaces ventless gas fireplace! The ventless gas fireplace is currently the hottest thing on the fireplace market because you can put one anywhere you want the warmth of a fire. Get a ventless gas fireplace in almost any style and really use your imagination in placing one in your home. For example, you might like a Napoleon Fireplaces Peninsula GVF40 multi-view ventless gas fireplace. This beautiful fireplace goes where you might not think a fireplace can go. It’s open on three sides to afford the view of a roaring fire from almost any place you put it even through multiple rooms. It’s heater rated, 99% efficient and, like all ventless gas fireplaces, has an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that turns off the fireplace should oxygen levels get too low. These types of Napoleon fireplaces are simple to install and really bring loveliness to your home. You might also opt for a more modern ventless gas fireplace. Try the unique Napoleon Fireplaces Ventless Torch fireplace. Sexy and saucy, this ventless gas fireplace is one of Napoleon Fireplaces’ new staples in contemporary home décor. You’ll enjoy a wonderful fire from the Torch’s exclusive burner with decorative glass embers and porcelain reflective panel that makes the single torch flame look like many. Its 6000 BTU output heats a small room of 500 sq. ft. for a romantic fire that will really lift your spirits. Napoleon fireplaces like these modern ventless gas fireplaces really make statements, so choose one as you renovate.

You’ll really adore the splendor any Napoleon Fireplaces product might bring you, but you’ll especially like the affordability and versatility fireplace inserts and ventless gas fireplaces bring to a remodeling project. Fireplace inserts can retrofit existing, drafty fireplaces into efficient beings again while being eco-friendly, while the ventless gas fireplace goes anywhere, looks amazing and brings the rage of the fire anyplace you’d like it. Napoleon Fireplaces crafts many fireplace inserts and ventless gas fireplaces, so peruse its offerings and choose what’s exactly right for your new home renovation project