Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Keeping your home cool during the summer months is more affordable than you may think. Energy-efficient air conditioning units are affordable and will not dramatically increase your electric bill. Expertly installed and easy to maintain, they provide welcome relief from summer’s heat.

In most cases, an air conditioning system can be installed using the very same ducts used for heating the home. It is a simple matter of attaching the unit to the system and wiring it to an indoor control panel. Free home inspections are available to determine the requirements for setting up the perfect air conditioning unit for your residence.

New regulations are in place to make sure your unit will not put a strain on your monthly electric bill. Over time these units can actually pay for themselves, as the electricity needed may be far less than operating a series of overhead fans. Energy Star Trane air conditioners installed by Champion AC can reduce energy bills by over 40%.

And if you are worried about the problems of actually installing the unit and the possible disruptions it could cause, remember that these units are professionally mounted and connected by expert field techs that will have you enjoying the cool relief from summer’s heat in no time. Technicians are fully licensed and experienced in the installation of modern air conditioning units, and you will hardly believe how easy it is for them to have your unit in operation the same or next day.

Why put up with unbearable temperatures when energy saving air condition units are so affordable? Find out today how a home air conditioning unit can bring a welcome chill.