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Wikipedia defines lighting fixture as “an electrical device used to create artificial light and/or illumination, by use of an electric lamp”. True to its word, a lighting fixture is perhaps the most important aspect in artificial Illumination. Without an adequate lighting fixture, it’s next to impossible to render a proper lighting scenario. Lighting fixture generally consists of a fixture body, a light socket to hold the lamp, a power connection for the light source and additional features such as reflectors for directing the light. While a wide variety of special light fixtures are created for use in the automotive lighting industry, aerospace, marine and medicine, only certain ones are used in aesthetic Indoor and Outdoor designer illumination. These designer fixtures, mostly used for general purpose lighting, are divided on the basis of how the fixture is installed, the light function or lamp type.

Without a doubt, choosing a proper lighting fixture is mandatory to ensure a natural or designer illumination. For this purpose, several industry standard lighting fixtures are in the offers. One such fixture is Arroyo Craftsman. Notable for their architectural superiority, Arroyo Craftsman offers a vast range of fixture design options for every conceivable situation in lighting scenario. Be it portable fixture, fixed light fixture or special purpose fixture, Arroyo Craftsman has thought of design options of all. Their flamboyance design attracts many eyes, with their attractive “arts and crafts lighting” finishes being applauded by many professional designers. With their quality craftsmanship, Arroyo Craftsman lighting fixtures finds its way in many a homes.

Another such quality fixture rests with Troy Lighting. Famous for their exterior lighting and indoor bath lighting, Troy Lightingis a superior lighting fixture. Their sleek, hand finished and hand forged metallic design contemplates many a designers to wonder at the high standard of the offered quality. Furthermore, Troy Lighting adopts brilliant innovative ideas in their fixture design with the establishment of traditional lighting fixtures from their vast glass and finish options. Yet another quality Fixture design persists with Holtkotter. Famous for their technological superiority, Holtkotter specializes in manufacturing chandeliers and lamps. The focal point behind Holtkotter lighting fixture is their manufacturing cycle. Holtkotter design their own fixtures and do their own manufacturing from the raw metal to the finished product, resulting in chandeliers and lamps of lasting quality. These fixtures metal finish and glass options allow each frame to permutated into almost a hundred options, resulting in individuals designing their own fixture to perfectly match their decor and individual preferences.

Arroyo Craftsman, Troy LightingandHoltkotter are just certain examples of quality lighting fixtures that are being offered in the market. Be it Chandelier, Sconce, Nightlight, Balanced-arm lamp or even outdoor Street light or Yard light, designer and industry standard fixtures always originates from Arroyo Craftsman, Troy Lighting and Holtkotter. The quality of lighting fixture designs offered by Arroyo Craftsman, Troy Lighting and Holtkotter remains to be unmatched. Further information regarding these fixtures designs and more can be viewed at

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