Save On Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Air conditioning is one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. Following a few simple tips can reduce your energy bills this summer.

Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature lower when you’re home and higher for when you’re not.

Weather-strip your doors and windows and caulk around the places where utility lines enter your home. Sealing the holes that allow cool air to escape ensures that your air conditioner doesn’t work any harder than it should.

Reduce the amount of heat generated inside your home. Turn off lights, televisions computers and other electrical equipment when not in use. Cook outside or during cooler times of day.

Close the doors and air vents in any rooms that you aren’t using.

A significant amount of heat is absorbed through the roof. Make sure that your attic is properly insulated and vented.

Make sure the air conditioner condenser isn’t blocked by shrubs, leaves or grass. The unit needs a free flow of air to dispose of the heat from inside your house.

Make sure that your air ducts and room vents are clean and unobstructed.

It is essential that you perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning system. Changing the air filters once a month isn’t enough. You should have a professional check your system each year. Champion AC is an AC Repair company that services all makes and models of central air conditioners and ductless air conditioners. A unit that runs more efficiently costs less to operate.