Plugs, or Solar? Your Outdoor Lighting Options

I remember driving down my street during Christmas time as a child, admiring everyone’s spectacular outdoor lighting displays. My house was “the dark house,” the house that had only one outdoor lighting fixture year-round  the streetlamp. Even though I was young, I winced a little at the disparity between the glowing house next door and the pitch black gloom of mine.

About the time when I was in high school, my parents brought home a new outdoor lighting set that we could use: solar sidewalk lights. We were all thrilled, and couldn’t wait to install them. Now, we weren’t the family that lived in the “dark house” anymore; we were the family with the posh sidewalk. If you’re tired of being the “dark house” on your street, it might be time to look at some outdoor lighting options.

The reason why my family’s house was always dark was because we didn’t have outdoor electrical sockets. However, this no longer should be any cause for concern nowadays. With the invention of solar lighting, you can find decorative sidewalk lighting, an artful miniature streetlamp, or even Christmas lighting decor which doesn’t need an outdoor socket to work.

For families who are looking into an eco-friendly way of keeping their outdoor lighting looking fabulous, solar lights are also a great way to do it. Solar powered outdoor lighting is also relatively inexpensive. First off, you won’t have to worry about the electrical bill spiking because of your outdoor lighting. Depending on where you shop for your outdoor lighting, and what kind of solar panel outdoor lighting you are looking to purchase, you can expect to spend anywhere from to around 0.

Homeowners who have electrical sockets outdoors have a lot more options. Seasonal outdoor lighting is mostly designed with electrical sockets in mind, and also can be just as cheap, if not cheaper than the initial cost of solar outdoor lighting. Outdoor décor that has plug-powered outdoor lighting also tends to be more durable than most solar powered outdoor lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting which is powered by an outlet also has a tendency of being much brighter and more visible than solar panel powered outdoor lighting. Moreover, an overcast day will not affect how long your outdoor lighting will stay lit.

Outdoor lighting made for electrical sockets in mind also has a tendency of being made with higher quality materials. Since this is the case, expect to spend more on this form of lighting. Depending on what kind of lighting it is, it can easily run from to over 0 dollars. It’s also important to remember that you will also experience a spike in electric bills when you use these outdoor lighting options.

If you’re tired of being the “dark house” on your street, remember that you no longer have to be. There are outdoor lighting options for every kind of home, and there will definitely be at least one lighting fixture that will be in your price range. It will brighten up your life too!

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