What is correct tyre air pressure?

What is correct tyre air pressure?

On the central stand in the opening of driver’s door, in the glove box or fuel tank hatch is a sheet that contains the following useful information: the manufacturer recommendations about the tyre sizes and the optimal pressure “cold” tire, depending on the partial and full load of the car.

How to measure the pressure in the tires yourself? If that gives you trouble, you can always have your tyre pressure checked at ozzytyres.

Check for the tyre pressure needs to be done each day before the trip. If not every day – at least once a week. But before you go on long distance inspection of the pressure and visual inspection of tyres has to be made for sure!

To measure the pressure is needed “cold” tyre. In the “hot” tyre, depending on distance, load, speed, air temperature, pressure may be increased to 10%. So, never get down the air from the “hot” tire immediately after stopping the car, otherwise the air pressure in the cold tyres is too low.

If the “hot” tyre pressure shows less than recommended, recommended it to frighten pressure plus 10%, and after the tire has cooled, check the pressure again and adjust it to normal.

Sheen’s definition of “cold” if the car stood in place for at least three hours, or passed after long parking not more than 1.6 kilometers.

Varying tire pressure can cause unpredictable reactions of the car on the effect of steering control, and different tire pressures for different axes of the vehicle can lead to an unexpected transfer into the car to the left or right.

The pressure in the spare wheel is also necessary to check for unforeseen replacement wheels.

Since you know what correct tyre air pressure is, it remains only to buy the tyres. Exactly in this will help you Tempe tyres, they have all types of tyres and all of them are highest quality. After you buy the tyres, the specialist will help you adjust correct pressure.