Being environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly

The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the rate at which energy is being consumed as well as environmental destruction. This has led to the push for conservation of energy through use of good energy policies and also environmentally friendly applications. Among the sectors that have greatly embraced environmental conservation is the banking industry which continues to play an integral role through use of the following strategies:

Paperless Working Environment

The forest cover has been without a doubt one of the most afflicted sectors and to ensure that the forests and other natural features are well preserved; banks have turned the office from being paper based to being paper-free. This is made possible through use of latest information technology which makes certain that the use of paper is minimized. Notable techniques in use include fax to email, mobile and internet banking which have eliminated use of paper.

Efficient Lighting

The banking sector is making a switch from relying on artificial lighting to using more of the natural lighting, this is achieved by following energy efficient architectural designs, proper lighting systems and also use of renewable energy resources. A common observation in most modern banks will indicate a trend where there is more use of wider windows and doors, energy conserving materials, use of solar lighting and LED lighting among other appliances. This has led to reduced use of accessories such as air conditioners and heating appliances thus saving energy and reducing the emission of carbon gases to the environment.

Energy Star Rated Equipment

The banking sector uses a lot of accessories to carry out its day to day operations; the equipment will contribute to power consumption as well as aiding the manufacturing sectors. In a bid to cut down environmental destruction through green gas emission or increased energy demand from power generating sources, banks are adopting greener and more energy efficient accessories which are tested and certified to be energy efficient and are also manufactured from material that will not release harmful emissions to the environment. The energy rated equipment used in the banks include printers, energy savers, computers, copiers and many other accessories.

Outsourcing services from Reputable Firms

Many activities taking place in a bank are usually outsourced from other firms; the activities include cleaning, transportation, computing and security among others. Many banks such as Halifax are environmentally conscious hence will ensure that they only seek the services from companies who are using environmental friendly applications. For instance a cleaning company will be required to use ozone friendly cleaning chemicals, energy saving tools of trade and also disposing off the residue and waste in an environmental friendly manner. Many certifications and accreditation are easily available to firms that are using environmental friendly applications.

Environmental awareness Campaigns

Banks are getting highly involved in educating the public about the need and benefits of environmental conservation, banks have made this undertaking part of the corporate social responsibility hence taking part in campaigns, seminars and educational forums. The bank employees are also encouraged and trained on ways to conserve energy and also recycling paper products and other material thus reducing wastage.