Understanding The Importance of Trees

Understanding The Importance of Trees

Trees play a very important role in our surroundings. Trees provide us with fresh air to breathe, shade in summers, food, and other benefits without which we cannot even think of living. As pollution and cutting of trees increases day by day, the ecological balance should be maintained. We should plant more and more trees in order to provide a healthy life to our children and the generations to come. Trees help us in providing food directly or indirectly. Trees provide shelter and are home for many animals and birds. Trees give us timber which is used in making of houses, tools, compartments of the train, big boxes, etc.

Trees fulfill some of the important function. These include providing oxygen to every living creature, preventing soil erosion, producing vegetables, medicines and fruits. They also help in maintaining the fertility of the soil. Despite knowing the importance of trees, human beings are still cutting down the trees and forests have started depleting from this beautiful earth.

Due to the increase in population, humans are cutting more and more trees to meet his daily need, which is proving to be harmful. This cutting is leading to the rise of natural calamities, such as floods, landslides, or land erosion. It can be prevented by planting of trees. They help in controlling pollution. The process of water cycle is maintained with the help of trees only. The roots of the trees pull out moisture from the soil and the leaves, in return, provide the moisture in the form of water vapor to the air. This process is known as transpiration. So, these vapors help in formation of the clouds which cause rainfall and protect the underground water resources.


Trees acts as natural air conditioners and air filters. The trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is very essential for all the living creatures on earth. They help in purifying the air by absorbing toxic gases, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, etc. Trees collect all the energy coming form the sun and stores most of it in themselves.

Temperature in the environment is also controlled with the help of trees. The surroundings near the trees are indeed much cooler than the places that are away. Planting of more trees in the urban areas can help in reducing the heat caused by the tall buildings made of concrete and cement. We feel calm and peaceful when we are around the nature and trees.

One of the most important factors of the importance of trees lies in its use in medicines. People in the past used different parts of the tree to cure themselves from many diseases. Most of the cosmetic companies have now started using herbs and natural oils which are provided by the plants and plant products.

Trees also play the role of sound barriers. They protect us from the noise pollution emitted by the vehicles, industries, etc., which results in stress and tiredness.

One of the natural gifts provided by trees is wood. Wood is used in different ways. It is used as a fuel and for making wooden furniture, equipment for sports. It provides raw material for industries. It also provides plywood, hardboard, particle board etc., which is used for the interiors of our offices and homes. Wood pulp is used for producing paper which is widely used in our lives. Cutting of trees can be avoided if we shift our focus from paper made from wood pulp to other materials. The use of paper should be limited by using the technology for communication.

The trees are valuable and contribute in many ways in our lives. Trees have a great impact on the value of the property. The value of the property increases if they have well-maintained gardens or landscapes. It helps in saving the costs related to energy. The cooling cost is reduced if the home is surrounded by the tree.

Due to various factors, such as growth in population, development of industries and urban areas, the forests and the trees are depleting at a very fast pace. Governments around the world have taken several steps and started many programs to grow more and more trees. Trees should be conserved as they are the essential natural resource. Afforestation should be encouraged. We should keep in mind the importance of trees in our lives, and we should be aware that life without trees is very difficult and we cannot survive without them.