How To Spot Pest Infestation In Your Residence

How To Spot Pest Infestation In Your Residence

Damage caused by pests can be costly. And because of this, it is good to have the knowledge on how to distinguish marks of common pests in your home before it is too late! In reality, these damage-causing insects like mosquitoes, ants and termites happen to cause more devastation than the fused effects of natural calamities like tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and fires.

Extensive damage to the foundation and structure of your dwelling can be brought about by these termites and would surely cost you a lot of money for renewals and renovation. And do not brush off the fact that there are carpenter ants that does the same thing. It would surely be a great problem if they are left unseen.

How To Spot Pest Infestation In Your ResidenceHow do these annoying little critters find their way and build a dominion into your homes? There are factors worth noting are carelessness, inevitable deterioration and week building materials used. To keep your abode pest-free, carry out a pest control management and always take note of preventive measures to ensure that these cockroaches, ants, termites, mites and rats will remain barred from your abode.

Take note of these points to recognize the signs they’re around the house.

A carpenter ant has continuously proven its notoriousness in most homes among the family of ants. Look out for moist areas around your place as this are the places these type of ants frequent. If you discover sawdust or droppings, especially in the edges and crawl spaces, this would tell you that carpenter ants are somewhere inside your place already.


How To Spot Pest Infestation In Your ResidenceThe termites are the main cause of damage to building structures. These insects are described to have have soft bodies often with wings and are colored pale. Scalded and frizzed wood, mushy floors, mud tubes and tunnels and residue resembling sawdust right next to studs and beams are definite marks of termite attack.

Apart from these insects, rats and mice also tops the chart of the most damage-causing pests that ruin wiring, wood sheathing and insulation. Seal small openings in your home where they can usually fit themselves through. Some of which are around air conditioning ducts, door clearances, pipes, etc. Watch out for droppings and nests inside walls and at the back of cabinets especially where you stock up food.

How To Spot Pest Infestation In Your Residence