Amazing Green Tea Effects on Your Body

Green tea invites enough enthusiasm nowadays, but you obviously need to know enough about this kind of tea. Green tea in fact can be of several kinds. There are the obvious differences between the Chinese and Japanese variety. Also these varieties themselves could be classifiable into several other types of green tea each with its own unique effects.

Green tea has several properties that render it extremely beneficial for the human body. This fact is evident from the huge body of Chinese and Japanese writing on this subject effects collected over hundreds of years. The great praises the Eastern countries have heaped on green tea is amazing. The successive stages of drinking green tea are supposed to yield joy, peace, ecstasy etc.

We’ll try and describe a few here.

Oriental philosophies consider it to be extremely beneficial to body and soul. Off course western science has no value attached to the soul enhancing properties that it seems to possess. The fact of the soul may be dubious to western science but the incredible bodies of Chinese and Japanese texts that place immense faith on the effects of green tea have their own convincing logic. The treasure of antioxidants that green tea has is basically the source of the bodily benefits that could be derived from it. But oriental thinking considers it to auguring tranquility and peace of soul and mind along with having properties that seem to enhance the creative capacities of the soul. Thus philosophers and artists seem to benefit most from green tea.

Off course even if we choose to the soul enhancing effects of green tea, we could concentrate on its long-term effects of curbing cardiovascular problems. In fact aging is also greatly controlled by it’s ingredients. Off course this does not mean that you become immortal and will remain young as long as you live, but it definitely means that the length of your life is extended greatly.

The fact that there is almost a holy connotation to green tea is evident from the entire plethora of ceremonies the Japanese associate with it. The ceremony basically signifies the highest value attached to green tea in terms of it qualifying as art of living. In fact the nitty gritties of tea drinking ceremonies are proof of the fact that explain the immense status of this kind of tea in Oriental philosophy.

In fact the fact the soul is important too is brought out in such practices. Thus the great potential of the green tea lies in bringing an all round betterment in your being and that would be in excess of mere physical well-being.