Eating healthy on moving day

Simple and nutritious meals on moving day

Simple and nutritious meals will help your body remain in shape for the rigors of moving day. With a little prep time, fast food can be eliminated from the day’s menu and replaced with vegetables and healthy snacks. Plan ahead with easy crock pot meals for a few or a crew of helpers. Borrow several pots from friends or neighbors and enjoy a bowl of chili, vegetable soup, or stew on a cold or damp day. Crock pot breakfast casseroles that include bacon and eggs are always a big hit on busy days. Using crock pots with disposable liners makes clean up a cinch.

Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are great snacks that are easy to grab and keep the body going for a day of physical exertion. Wash your fruits and veggies and have them ready to eat for those on the move. Have a cooler full of water and fruit and vegetable drinks ready to keep everyone hydrated. Eating healthy on moving day will keep your movers in good shape and moods balanced for a productive day. Prepare simple and nutritious meals on moving day if you want to get the best performance from yourself and the helpers.