Combinations of sustainable energy

For over a hundred years we have been living on borrowed energy. We are borrowing the solar energy collected over millions of years by ancient plants and algae. However, that energy source will eventually run out. Estimates of when vary from industry to industry and from expert to expert. They all agree that the supply is finite, but when that finite supply will run out is unpredictable. We have to find another way to provide for our growing civilization. The path forward runs through green and sustainable energy.

There are several types of renewable energy from which we can draw support. We have solar, wind, wave and tidal choices. We also have geothermal and the possibility of fusion power. Any single source of energy is not going to provide what we, as a civilization, need. It is the combination which provides the future for humanity. We need to make the change and sooner is better than later.

The price of each source is continuously dropping and becoming easier to afford. The efficiency of the different conversion methods are improving all the time. We are getting better at the methods of storing energy to provide a steady supply over time. The methods for building the machines to provide sustainable energy is a subject of constant research.

The future of green and sustainable energy is getting brighter all the time.