The fireplace is popular again

Fireplaces has in times adapt to any interior. The traditional wood fireplace stands for atmosphere, but also provides a tremendous amount of dirt in and around the house. The fireplace is not able to heat the whole room because much heat is lost through the chimney and it contains the harmful substances from the wood which are released in the home if the house has no proper ventilation. This got the fire out of fashion. Today there are so many new possibilities that the fireplaces is back in fashion and it is a new trend in stylish living.

Types of fires
Besides the good old open wood fire, there are many other options. We do not go out to cut wood and the walls do not need to be painted so often. The stoves of today are cleaner, healthier, easier and at least as attractive as the wood stove. Burning fireplaces that work on gas or electricity don’t need no chimney. These fireplaces can be placed against an outside wall with a grate outside. A fire on gas or electricity has the same image as attractive traditional wood stove, but it is better for health. Anyone with an exterior gas or electric fireplace purchase and enjoy the warmth and romance with a rug for the fireplace.

Get the atmosphere at home
A fireplace in the living room provides ambience and exudes warmth and romance. In the winter months it is great to watch a movie next to the crackling fire. Glass of wine, some candles on the table and the lights. For many people this is the ideal romantic picture. Conviviality around the stone cladding fireplace with your family. Cold from playing outside and then a game at the warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate. In summer a campfire outside and inside during the winter by the fireplace. A nice story there and the whole family enjoy a relaxing evening at home. Beside the fireplace radiates an atmosphere of a fireplace can also be very functional. By dried lemon or orange peel on the fire spread the fire to throw a fresh scent throughout the room for a natural fragrance and pine cones in the fireplace are good for spreading a nice pine scent.