Building lasting relationship

lasting relationshipMy rationale on the do’s and don’ts of dating has been so important ever since I discovered that the reason why I hoped in and out of relationships was because of poor communication. After my boyfriend of 6 months moved to a different city due to a well paying job opportunity, I realized that the most important ingredient of all is communication which births a strong healthy relationship.

It was cynical at first to think that he would dump me for another damsel due to my absence but with time I realized that those thoughts were a product of my fearing to lose him and starting all over again. Before we officially started dating James was very charming, he would call me unexpectedly during late hours just to hear my voice. With time I got used to the late night calls and noticed that he would open up more to me at that time. I didn’t need a sorcerer to tell me that he was needy of my attention and in most cases I would gladly listen to him and give him an affirming response.

Time was by my side, slowly I started warming my heart towards his affectionate nature and we would talk and make fun of just about anything. Though I was the one who always picked a fight with him in instances of misunderstandings James would listen to me, give me some breathing room then he would revisit the topic at some later time; it was obvious that he had noticed how quick I was to anger and he knew just how to tame it. The mastery of body language also played a key role in our relationship and with time I could relate with James’s responses, even the slightest facial expression could tell me if it’s a NO or YES from him.