Carpet brings warmth

Harmony is achieved when the carpet on the floor is in compliance with the furniture and colors in space. Carpet brings warmth and comfort in the room, very much improves the visual identity of the area. However, harmony is achieved only when this little detail on the floor is in compliance with the furniture and colors in space. There is large range of rugs in different shapes, sizes and materials, classic designs and modern lines of wool, synthetic fabrics, bamboo.

  • For square and rectangular rooms with furniture along the walls in a straight line, the ideal solution is round or oval rug because it relieves the sharp corners.
  • Small room will look larger with lighter shades of rugs, carpet, while dark tones give a note of warmth and elegance, but is expressed only in the spacious surroundings.
  • With a classical style best fit carpets of rich patterns and smooth surfaces, and modern furniture lines perfectly highlight one color, bright tones.
  • Be especially careful in choosing colors, it violates the wrong shade of aesthetics. The rule is that in a room with bright walls and monochromatic furniture, carpet is more luxurious, and vice versa.
  • It is important to match the carpet, drapes and curtains into a harmonious whole. It is desirable to be compatible, and the best effect is achieved when the same color and different shades. In addition to tilt, do not forget to take into account and covers, tablecloths and cushions.
  • Carpets are excellent thermal and sound insulators, reduce external and internal sounds, and retain heat in winter and save energy.
  • Lavish, Persian carpets, highlight the fore in the living room, so that your guests and you can enjoy its beauty and not to “camouflage” furniture.
  • Given that many carpets collect dust, you should be vacuuming more often, by vacuum slowly drag the brush over the surface. Keep in mind that synthetic materials attract more dust, wool, or bamboo. Detailed cleaning is done once or twice a year and it is best to perform the service, and after the initial wash and rinse will have a sheen, color and softness.