How To Care For A Fake Grass Lawn

How To Care For A Fake Grass LawnMany homeowners and public business establishments use artificial grass on their outdoor lawn surfaces. Fake grass has been an alternative ground cover for many hotels, sports arenas and resorts for decades. In the past, artificial grass was used mainly on outdoor porches. Now homeowners are discovering the economical benefits to using this type of grass to cover larger areas of yard. Fake grass is made to resemble the real thing. It is made from synthetic materials that require very little in the form of regular maintenance. The materials used to create fake grass feel soft and have the same exact appearance of a lush, well-cared for lawn.

Using Synthetic Grass Has Many Advantages

Fake grass has many benefits. Homeowners and commercial establishments can save money and time on lawn maintenance. Large areas of real grass need regular mowing, weeding and fertilizing. They also can use up valuable water resources. During times of drought, real grass can turn brown and unattractive. It may also require using chemicals and pesticides that can harm the environment.

Caring For Fake Grass

Keeping a fake grass surface looking its best will require using special equipment like vacuums and rakes to keep the surface clean and well-maintained. Homeowners can also keep their fake grass surfaces neat by using a leaf blower to remove debris. Special herbicide treatments applied to the grass surface help control mold, fungus growth and inhibit the natural weeds that can sometimes pop up on artificial grass surfaces. Fabric softeners are often sprayed across surfaces to reduce static and keep individual blades springy and soft. During extremely hot weather, artificial grass may need a cooling spray of water to protect it from sun damage.