Lawn Mowing Tips

Lawn MowingMowing your lawn can seem like a pretty routine task. What’s the big deal? You drag out the lawn mower once per week, gas it up, mow the lawn, and then stick it back in the garage. Sounds simple enough. Lawn mowing truly is a simple task, but there are several insider tips that will effect your lawn mowing experience in a number of different manners. Believe it or not, lawn mowing can be fun, healthy, and you can even save money at it!

Tip 1
First, we will discuss the concept of push mowing as opposed to using a riding mower. Of course, the riding mower is the generally preferred route to go by. Nevertheless, have you ever taken time to consider the benefits of push mowing? Initially, push mowing looks better. Due to the slower speed utilized, a push mower will always leave your lawn with a professional looking cut. True, a riding mower goes a lot faster than the average person walks and it might take a bit longer, but in the end, isn’t your yard worth the extra time involved?

Tip 2
Also, take into consideration that push mowing is a much healthier alternative to using a riding mower. Most people do not take into consideration that lawn mowing with a push mower is one of the most effective forms of excercise as well as general weight loss. It is also a great manner in which you can actually train your children to earn money. Pay them a little each time they mow. It’s a good life skill learning process.

Tip 3
Upkeep of your Mower is another aspect that one must know before attempting to do his own lawn work. One of the more important facts here is that, at the end of the mowing season, you cannot just stick the mower in the shed. Before you do, it is imperative that you open the gas tank and make certain that it is absolutely empty. When you leave gas setting over a long period of time, there is a chemical change. After you try to start a mower with old gas at the beginning of the next season, this “dead” gas gets into the mower and does damage. When you mow your yard for the first time, take your time, familiarize yourself with your own personal mower and find out what works best for you. Oh, and always make sure that you do your own mowing. It’s well worth it in the
ong run in the money you save and the exercise you get.

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