Lighting Tips For A Healthier Home

Light can affect our moods and emotions. It has been proven that depression is easily caused by long periods without proper light. Duplicating healthy doses of sunlight within an building, retail store or your home is obviously a great way to aid good health. Making sure your lighting needs are adequate can boost well-being. Poor lighting choices can cause strain and headaches. Tips Here are some things to keep in mind when adding or changing the lighting in your home.

– Casting even lighting throughout a room is important. The human eye can have problems focusing when there is too much contrast to take in. Looking at a computer screen and then to the surrounding bright sunlight from a window is good example of contrast.

– Always give yourself the ability to adjust light. In the instance of the computer, make sure you have blinds or curtains to filter the glare of sunlight or move the computer away from the window.

– It’s okay if light sources overlap. Overlapping light sources open a room up and give a feeling of well being. Adding varying levels of lighting by placing light sources at different heights creates a further level of depth and interest.

– Light bulbs have different colors of light. Some are cooler colors and some are warmer colors. Balance the combination of warm and cool throughout a room or home.

– Different activities require different types of lighting. Use adjustable lamps to highlight the hands and work surfaces. Use a broad level of light instead of a dark room when watching television.

– Using a dimmer switch enables the adjustment of a light source according to mood and event.

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