Outdoor Kitchen Designs

How to create the perfect cal frame outdoor kitchen

Butternut Squash SoupToday, the outdoor kitchen designs found in homes are more elaborate and advanced than ever before. While the outside kitchen Cal Flame grill is one of the most important components in the area, there are many other features to consider when planning outdoor kitchen designs. The possibilities are endless, but some common additions include: outdoor sinks, fireplaces, outdoor kitchen cabinets, or even refrigerators.

Before you buy any of the outdoor kitchen furniture, there are two things you will want to have planned out ahead of time. First, you will have to have a detailed idea of the location of the new Cal Flame outdoor kitchen. Typically the outside kitchen is built adjacent to the indoor kitchen or very close to the back end of the home. This is especially important if your outdoor kitchen doesn’t include a sink or refrigerator since you will be making many trips to the interior of the house. Furthermore, wiring into the house gas, electrical, or plumbing lines is more practical when the kitchen is located in a close proximity to the main house or attached to a back wall (otherwise, the cost of installing new lines may be more difficult and costly). Plus, think about how much use the Cal Flame outdoor kitchen will be getting. If it will be used often, you will want the outdoor kitchen designs to make it easily accessible for everyone that will be utilizing it.

The second important factor that goes into outdoor kitchen designs planning is your budget for the endeavor. It is important to acknowledge that even the more modest outside kitchen areas that only include a Cal Flame grill and a kitchen island can cost around $5000. The best advice if you are on a tighter budget is to build the kitchen slowly and piece by piece. Start with the grill and the outdoor kitchen cabinets and then gradually build more as more of a budget accumulates over time.

In addition to location and budget, you will want to choose the perfect outdoor kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are important because they store the outside kitchen Cal Flame grill supplies and they play a huge role in the décor of the entire kitchen. The first thing to think about when choosing outdoor kitchen cabinet is how durable they are and how well they can handle the different elements of residing outdoors. Cal Flame Outdoor kitchen cabinets made from synthetic material are the most effective material to be put outdoors since it needs very little periodic maintenance, plus it won’t warp, rot, peel or fade. The synthetic outdoor kitchen cabinets also come in an array of different colors to choose from so you can find the perfect color to match the décor of your house and personal taste.

Installing a Cal Flame outdoor kitchen will add value to your home in many aspects, but perhaps the most important aspect is the time it creates for you to spend with family and friends in the comfort of your home. If you create effective outdoor kitchen designs you will likely never use your indoor kitchen ever again!