Saving Energy

Saving EnergyIn today’s day and time all the energy saver ideas we can get can save us a lot of money. Lets face it electricity is not going down so the more we can do to conserve energy the more money we will save. Let’s look at a couple ideas that will help you save energy. Covering your windows in the winter:
In the winter time one of the hardest chores that we have is keeping our homes warm. If you go to the hardware store and purchase some clear plastic sheeting you can cut it to the proper size for each window and staple it to the outside of your house. By doing this you will help to keep a lot of heat in your home since a lot of heat escapes from the windows.

Proper insulation:
Check under your home for insulation that is falling down in places. If there is, for every hole that you have you have a place where cold air can come up into your home. If you look under your house and see insulation hanging don’t worry it is an easy fix. All you have to do is go to your local hardware store and buy some of the grey duct tape and tape it up. If you have insulation missing you can purchase a roll of insulation and replace it.

In the summer time your problem is the opposite of winter; your main issue is trying to keep your home cool. Many homes today are cooled by AC units and if you have used one of these for a whole summer you will know how much it drives your electricity cost up. A great idea to keep your home cool is to cool it before the hottest part of the day and then use fans and ceiling fans. This will allow you to only have to use your cooler later in the day.

These energy savers will enable you to save money and help conserve our energy at the same time. These ideas will also make it possible for you to apply your savings towards other home improvements.