How to Turn a Boring Garden Into a Fabulous Garden

Are you bored with the design or outlook of your garden? Well, there are a number of ways of transforming a dull and boring garden or backyard into an inviting Oasis. Of course there are several things you will have to consider. Things like the size of the garden, how much are you ready to spend (budget) and children. Additionally, you might also need to decide whether you want a backyard landscaping or something less dramatic.

It is wise to outline your needs i.e. what you want versus the constrains. For example, you may want to have some playground tools for your children, new garden furniture but you have a limited garden space. Doing this will help you to prioritize what is necessary against what you would love to have and then guide you in considering some of the suggestions below. Steps for transforming your garden:

Garden landscaping

Depending on the amount you want to spend, you can perform a complete garden landscaping. In order for you to achieve effective results, it is advisable that you seek the services of a garden designer. However, if you have a limited budget, you can just do some clearing up i.e. remove some unwanted debris, plants and rotting fences

Bring color to the landscape

After you’ve gotten rid of the outdated evergreens through landscaping, the next step is adding color to your garden. There are numerous plants that can offer different foliage colors other than just green. For example, red trees offer an excellent contrast to so much green and creates a gorgeous outlook when you blend it with chartreuse. You can also add some purple color to avoid dominance of one color.

Vegetable patch

You can also create a vegetable patch where you can grow some vegetables, carrots, onions etc. This is important particularly for vegetarian and those people who are interested in keeping fit. Note that, you will need to add some ground cover for your plants to be more visible. This not only applies to the vegetable patch but to the whole garden. Light colored stones e.g. river rock which are usually used as ground covers, are effective in making dark plants appear more visible.

New garden furniture

This is one of those things that define an outstanding garden. This is particularly essential if you have a small backyard. There are varieties of beautiful garden furniture’s of different designs, material and shapes e.g. wrought iron, wooden garden furniture etc.

Other features to consider include:- Barbecue area, back yard hot tub, a back yard putting green (for golf lovers )and a water feature e.g. pond, swimming pool etc.

In conclusion, landscaping is essential in establishing a new attractive garden outlook. If you are looking to have a more casual outlook, you need to use as many natural elements as possible in your landscape. Also the choice of plants as stated above is vital in garden transformation therefore, take your time when choosing plants, flowers and trees for your garden.