Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Home improvement is always a great investment. Houses need maintenance, repair and a fresh coat of paint every so often. Different things can change from time to time, such as the size of a family, fixtures, and building materials. Some materials, such as insulation will save the homeowner money when properly installed.

When a family grows, bathroom improvements must be made. Bathroom renovations, such as an added lavatory, extra cabinet space or building a new bath can accommodate the additional people. If the existing bathroom only has a shower, the installation of a tub for babies and children is a must. An extra bathroom is a great way to keep everybody happy. It also adds value to the house, should the owner decide to sell it.

Adding or renovating a bathroom is seldom a complete DIY task. Adding plumbing pipe, knowing about venting, tying into the main drain, completing wiring correctly and more can overwhelm anyone. Handyman Syndey can handle adding or renovating a bathroom in short order. For any building permits, inspections and paperwork that needs doing before the work starts, he will get it done straight away.

Sitting down with the homeowners, he will ensure the designs chosen will fit into the house and meet the building codes. If any special construction needs doing to accommodate a new tub, for example, he will inform the client of everything needed before beginning.

Using vintage fixtures, tiles or other materials is a popular design choice. The handyman knows where to find everything needed to do the job, and where the best prices are. For any removed fixtures, he knows where to sell them and apply the money to the total bill.

Homeowner’s insurance is not guaranteed to cover a DIY renovation, especially adding or renovating a bathroom. The company will happily cover the work done by a professional, such as handyman Sydney.