Selecting The Right Bird Cage

Selecting The Right Bird Cage

Pets are the greatest friends that a human being can have, offering a great way to pass time for their owners. According to the recent surveys, it has been proved that having a pet improves the general quality of health and life in general for the owner. Like many small animals such as ferrets, rats and chinchillas, birds are kept as beloved pets too, with a lot many preferring these feathered friends as pets because of low costs and cleaner environments. Also, having birds as pets can enhance the grandeur of a house. However giving a bird its own private space is a must to keep them happy. So if you want to keep your ‘winged friends’ happy, buying from the variety of bird cages is crucial.

There are various models, colors and sizes of bird cages available in the pet shops and many of the amateur owners might have a hard time choosing the perfect cage. So here are some bird cage selection tips that would make you and your bird happy:

Size of the Cage: Large birds such as Amazons, conures, cockatoos or African grays require large bird cages. These cages have bars that are positioned horizontally and not vertically. Such design helps the birds to climb and exercise within the cage. The smaller birds such as canaries, parakeets, parrots and finches do well in the smaller or the parrot cages. The doors for all the cages should be large so that the birds can get access easily. There should also be food and water containers within the cage that can be filled from the outside. The bird cages should also be easy to clean to maintain a hygienic environment.

Shape and Style of the Cage: This is one of the most vital considerations to be made before buying a bird cage. Recent studies have revealed that round bird cages effect the psychological health of the birds adversely. They cram the birds for room and thus they are not allowed free movement. In time the psychological problem grows into a physical health hazard. When buying a cage angled ones should be chosen over the rest of the others.

Location of the cage: Normally people like to keep the birds within the confines of a room. But it has to be understood that the bird will be happier in a natural habitat. So if you want to keep it within the room then makes sure that it gets enough exposure to light and heat in desired proportions. The location has to be chosen very judiciously. The cages can be hung or placed on a stand as per the requirement of the owners. There are bird cages available in all styles and shapes. There are wooden cages, stainless steel bird cages and many other varieties available in the market.

Some important questions to ask: You should examine the craftsmanship of bird cages carefully before buying. Examine each and every component of the cage from its structure to size carefully. Here are a few important questions that should be asked:

• Is the cage solid and well built?
• Are there any open ends or sharp edges?
• Is the cage made of stainless steel that will not chip?
• Is the bird-cage easy to clean and non-toxic?

The health and life-span of the bird depends on how clean and ideal its cage is. Hence it is important to pay attention to the even the minutest of details before buying a bird cage.