What is an Arborist?

What is an Arborist?

Trees are a valuable part of any garden. Trees offer shade in the summer and delightful architecture to our gardens. They give us oxygen to breathe. In fact without trees, we could not live. So if we have trees that are in need of care, we need to find a professional to treat our trees. Trees need the care of an arborist.

Most people think that an arborist is just someone who cuts down trees or trims dead branches off. They wonder why some tree trimmers are so expensive and others are very cheap. Some of these tree trimmers are just a fellow with a chain saw, a ladder and a truck. Others are arborists.

An arborist is a specialist, trained in tree diseases, diagnosis and treatment. He can trim trees to restore the tree’s shape and good health. The arborist is a specialist, equipped to maintain and care for trees and knows how to safely remove dead or dangerous branches. He can treat a sick tree and often restore it to health. He is able to remove a tree, but will try to save it knowing it adds value, as well as beauty and welcome shade to your house and garden.

The arborist also is certified by a state agency, has proper insurance and usually belongs to arborist organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture or the Tree Care Industry Association

If you have a tree that needs care, by all means find an arborist. You can usually find one online, in your phone book or at a local nursery. He will come to your house, look at your tree and give you his opinion on what your tree needs. If you decide to hire an arborist, check his credentials, be sure he is insured. Climbing trees is a risky business, after all, and you want your arborist to be well insured. Most of the time the certifying agency requires insurance for certification.

As when hiring any professional, get at least three estimates for the work, get a contract that specifies the scope of work, the cost and what date it will start and when it will finish. Check with your local Better Business Bureau for any complaints about your choice of arborists.

When you are satisfied, sign the contract and have your trees cared for by a professional.

Garden Maintenance

Regular watering is the other major garden maintenace task. Obviously, without regular watering the garden will not produce as well and will eventually die. One can water the garden with a simple hose, but this unregulated water flow can damage plants and wash away too much dirt, exposing roots.

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When it comes time to think about decorating for the holidays Christmas trees always take center stage. In fact, most people use their Christmas tree as the focal point and build out from there.

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