Winter Housekeeping Tips

Wintertime is beautiful. The gleaming white snowfall and glistening trees are a sight to behold; but it can wreak havoc on the home. What can be done to minimize the damage?
For starters, a good rubber backed rug for every entryway is a necessity. Along with the cold air, snow and ice come indoors tracking up carpets and melting on floors, creating a muddy mess. Ice melting chemicals can prove hazardous to pets and damaging to certain floors. Keep the mess at bay by insisting family members remove footwear or at least wipe them off at the door.

Cobwebs seem to multiply in the dry winter air. Run a dry broom around the tops of the walls right before vacuuming; it is an easy way to keep the cobwebs down. Open an occasional window on a sunny day will to add a bit of freshness to the air. Simply running a humidifier can do wonders for stale winter air as well.

Keep track of those errant winter gloves and hats by placing a large wicker basket or storage bin by the door. The family can simply peel off the layers and toss them in the bin as they wipe their feet. They may still have to do a little searching to come up with a matching pair; but the basket system reduces the amount of looking all over the house.
Finally, take advantage of those long winter evenings and go through spring and summer clothes. Get rid of things long before warmer weather arrives. Sort through holiday decorations as the tree comes down, tossing out old or broken pieces. Next year, decorating will be a snap without muddling through all of the old junk. Enjoy the winter while it lasts. Spring cleaning is just around the corner!