Car Washing

A clean, bright and neat car is everyone car lover’s dream. Remember how models on display at car dealerships look attractive. These tips will help you make your car look like he just came out of the car salon after each wash! The best way to maintain such an attractive appearance is by hand washing.

Avoid washing your car at an automatic car wash, because irregular change in brushes and the use of the cheapest cleaners have harmful effects on the varnish durability and appearance of your car. So prepare to hand wash your car.

Where to wash the car

Before you start washing your car, pay attention to where you plan to wash it. Specifically, it is not recommended to wash your car in direct and strong sunlight because the foam will dry faster and will have negative impacts on your car polish. If the place, where you wash the car, is not sheltered from the sun, then wash it in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not strong. Also, it is not recommended to wash your car under the tree, because you do not want the falling leaves to mix with the car wax.

What to use

Only wash your car using car washing shampoo. Do not use dishwashing detergent, because their aggressive properties could adversely affect the paint of your car. Use two buckets, in the first bucket, mix the shampoo with water and wash the car with the resulting foam and sponge. Fill the other bucket with plain water only, so you can rinse the sponge.

It is recommended to use a device for compressing water (mini-wash). If you do not have it on hand, watering hose will serve the purpose. First, wash the entire surface of the car with water. If you use a mini-wash, coarser dirt will now be flushed of the car. If on the front end of the car you have a lot of flies, it would be good to apply the product to safely remove the flies, leave for a short time for the mixture to act. After, it will be much easier to remove the flies. But be careful, you cannot leave it too long to dry, because it can have a negative effect on the car polish.

How to wash the car

Use two sponges – one for washing the body and another for washing dirtier parts – tires, wheels, fenders. When washing your car with a sponge and foam, obey two rules:

  1. Always Wash your car from top to bottom. So, first wash the roof, windows and side panels.
  2. Do not foam the entire car in one piece, instead divide the car surface in at least two, if not in four parts for easier and more efficient cleaning.

Firstly wash one section of the car with a foamed sponge, and then wash the foam with the water, only when done start washing the next area. This is done so that the foam doesn’t dry and leave streaks on the car.

After washing the body, do not forget to wash the tires, rims and wheel, using the second sponge. Then, open the door, and wash the thresholds. After washing, do not leave the car to dry itself, but delete the first water with deer’s skin. Do not forget to re-open the doors for thresholds to dry.

Do not forget the details

If you want to make your tires look clean, cared-for and have a black gloss finish? You have two options.

  1. Buy a products for vehicle tires that can be found at most gas stations, and apply it with a brush or spray on the tires.
  2. Second, a better option is to buy glycerine, which you can find in any pharmacy. If you prefer, you can dilute it with water and apply it with a brush to the tire.

Research has shown that the option with glycerine is better and lasts longer than some products for the tires that you can buy.

Do not forget to clean the interior. Some prefer to do it at the end, and some at the beginning. Basically, throw out all the junk that you have in the car and empty the ashtray. Use a vacuum to absorb all the crumbs. Wipe the interior with a cotton cloth to remove the dust. Then, on the clean part of the cloth apply a product for plastic or just moisten the cloth and clean the armature. Glass can be washed using ordinary foam for washing glass surfaces and newspapers.

Extra tips

  1. Wash your car regularly; stains are difficult to remove, especially on rims
  2. If you see bird droppings on the car, wash it as soon as possible, because it is extremely bad for the car paint
  3. Do not wash the car with hot water
  4. Driving during the winter, roads are sprinkled with salt; it is suggested to wash the wheels when you get home to remove the salt.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful. Now you know what you can and can’t do while washing your car.