Colour plays an important part in your mood

There are many ways that you can naturally heal your mind and body with colour therapy. While you might not realize it colour plays an important part in your mood and even in how you feel on a day to day basis. Think of your favorite piece of clothing and how you feel in it. Chances are that you a specific way because of the colour that the item is. In fact it is proven that color therapy can stimulate your body’s own healing process and help you to work to take care of yourself on your own.
There are many different pieces of holistic living and one of them is learning about how you can heal yourself with different colours.

You can do this in the splendid clothing that you choose for the day, by wearing special jewelry in the specific colour, or even by wearing the popular rubber wristbands that everyone seems to have on these days. If wearing the colour is not something that works for you it is possible to immerse yourself in the colour by eating foods that are the necessary colour and surrounding yourself with items that are in the colour. In addition to healing yourself you can purchase these items of colour to help heal your friends and family.

Chromotherapy is another name for colour therapy and a special alternative medicine that focuses on the belief that different colours have different energy and with that energy you can learn to rebalance your charka and from there rebalancing your life. To bring yourself to highest level of health you only need to focus on the seven colours and how these colours align with your own personal charkas.
Yellow is known for helping you to feel more optimistic and happy. It represents energy, intuition, and is a big part of spirituality.
The color orange can represent something exciting, creative, adventurous, and youthful. It is known to make you feel more warm and healthy.
The color of passion, love, heat, and strength is red. When you are around the color you might notice that you feel more courageous and vital.
The color purple is often associated with rituals, wealth, and magical. When around the color you might feel more imaginative, calm, and feminine.
Most people realize that the color blue is associated with calm and trust. What they do not know is that the color also aligns with power, success, security, and subconscious.
Money, growth, security, and ecology are all things that stem from the color green. After being around the color it is likely that you feel more relaxed and better balanced.
The color black is thought to be elegant and formal. It is full of protection, possibility, and, and potential.
When you think of white you probably think of lightness, purity and faith. You will feel cleansed and safe when you are around the color.
When you start to align your charkas with their colors you will start to hear yourself through color therapy. A natural healer can help you to learn how to co-exist with colors and your charka. You will learn how to use the appropriate color to rebalance your life and feel complete. Not only can color therapy be used with physical health problems but it can also be used to treat emotional problems.