DIY ways to renovate your home this summer

Renovating your home is an exciting way to really spice up your living space as well as potentially add significant value to the house. Due to the favorable weather conditions and more time off work, most people tend to find summer the perfect time for home renovations! If you’re looking for some creative and efficient ways to renovate your home without having to hire expensive contractors, then check out these five DIY home renovations below!

Five DIY Home Renovations:

Create a patio or outdoor living space

There’s nothing like a renovation that you can truly enjoy, and nothing is more enjoyable than sitting on your new outdoor living space and soaking up the sun! Outdoor living spaces add immense appeal to the house because almost everyone wants a fantastic place to set up a grill, picnic table, or set of patio chairs!

When it comes to creating a patio or outdoor living space, it is something that is of medium difficulty, but with the right tools you can easily lay out a creative and attractive space that you and your whole family can enjoy!

Paint your home

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home is something that should be done every few years. Paint not only ensures that your home has an additional layer of protection from the elements and from pests, but it also really rejuvenates the look of the home! Whether you switch up the color scheme on the exterior, or simply add a fresh coat of the existing paint, you’re sure to notice a major difference that will make your home not only look fabulous, but stand out amongst your neighbors as well!

Kitchen backsplash

A backsplash in your kitchen is another simple and effective renovation this summer that can be done by any novice DIY’er. Always make sure to consider the current elements in your kitchen and try to coordinate with them. Additionally, you can always add a pop of color in an otherwise dull kitchen, or even consider adding a patterned back splash for a more eclectic look!

Molding and trimming

Adding a new set of molding and trim throughout your home will create some fabulous architectural interest for your house as well as breathe a bit of life into your rooms. If a room seems a bit dull, or you simply want to liven it up, run over to your local hardware store and grab some molding and trim! You’d be surprised at how cost effective and simple this home renovation is!
Upgrade your home office

Adding a home office upgrade is really a great way to increase the functionality of your home and is quite simple to do! Always make sure to look at creative storage spaces for your home office, since storage is something most homeowners don’t have enough of! Additionally, when renovating your home office, consider adding in wooden floors and a new coat of paint! Wooden floors are perfect for office chairs and will really add a beautiful and natural element that is conducive towards a positive energy in your workspace! Brisbane architects, Dion Seminara Architecture published important factors that need to be considered when creating a home office which you can read here.