Fiji Offers Unique Getaway

Fiji Offers Unique Getaway

The island nation of Fiji has much to offer visitors. Located in the South Pacific, Fiji is home to 900,000 people, including people of native Fijian, Asian, and European ancestry. To many potential visitors, the country epitomizes the meaning of the word ?paradise? and would make the perfect destination for anyone looking to just get away from their daily routine.

Fiji?s beautiful blue waters and beaches are one of the country?s most stunning features, and one of the main reasons people choose to visit the country. Surely swimming and sunbathing are in order for most any visitor. Anyone who comes to Fiji should take advantage of these natural wonders and soak up the sea and sun.

In addition to the seaside activities, visitors can also take a peek underneath the ocean when they go scuba diving. The variety of marine life in the waters is fascinating. You can see the stunning and colorful soft coral of the South Pacific in addition to numerous varieties of fish in the crystal clear waters. It?s a truly memorable experience.

Another feature of Fiji that fewer people know about is its rainforests. Like the waters surrounding the islands, the rainforests have a great deal of sights to see. You?ll see towering coconut trees and lovely tropical lagoon and waterfall settings so breathtaking that they look like they were straight out of a Hollywood movie. You?ll walk under the thick canopy and be amazed at the beautiful birds you will see, and you?ll be enveloped in the natural beauty of the forest.

Outdoor exploration in Fiji is great and very rewarding, but visitors also have another side of Fiji to explore?the culture! Take time to tour the cities and towns and enjoy the shopping and savor the dining the country has to offer, including unique handicrafts and flavorful Fijian cuisine. Stop to visit Fiji?s urban landmarks including the temples, museums, and gardens. As a guest of the island you are likely to be welcomed with an authentic sacred ceremony by the native island people. Algarve apartments, each holiday rentals and accommodation in Tenerife either on the beachfront or near the beach. Book your holiday villas or apartments in Tenerife direct with the owner or agent.

Fiji is a wonderful vacation spot for visitors looking for something a little off the beaten track. There is so much to do and to see and Fiji has all the best of the South Pacific for you to enjoy. You can?t go wrong by visiting this lovely little island paradise. So pack your bags. Fiji is waiting for you.