Home MaintenanceA garden is an excellent home improvement project that returns many rewards from start to finish. It will increase the value of your home and your enjoyment of it. As you can guess, these are two excellent reasons to plant a garden around your home. On the other hand, gardening can be a frightening prospect when you first begin. What will look good? What will grow? How much time will it take?

The best answer is- plan your garden. There are many garden sites on the Internet where you can plan your garden free. Concentrate first on the colors you will enjoy seeing. Then look at the height of your choices. Tallest plants go in the back, smaller ones in the front as you look at them. Let your garden draw the eye to your house slowly. A good example is Ageratum in front of Primrose in front of Phlox.

The garden site that lets you plan your garden will also tell you what will grow well around your home. A first garden grows best with live plants. Any local nursery will probably have what you want. A climbing rose adds a very nice touch of color to a bare wall or porch. Be sure to mark what you have planted so you know what will be there next year.

Plan two days for this project. Clean out the old growth and prepare your soil for planting on the first day and plant on the second. After that, you might need an afternoon a week for weeding and trimming.

An annual will die off after its last bloom. Most reseed themselves during the bloom so do not be surprised when they appear to come back next year. Perennials do not die off. They go dormant but their roots live through the winter.