Party Dress

Birthday parties are fun and a good way of getting people together. If you have been invited to a friend’s o a family member’s birthday party, dressing appropriately might seem hard but there are some tips you can use. If you have been given a dress code, follow the dress code while inserting your own personal style as you dress according to the instructions given.

If there is no given theme for the  birthday party, then you can wear anything. Don’t dress too casually or too formally. It is best to wear clothes and accessories that you can dress up or down depending on the party. Too casual means that you wear jeans, a t shirt and a hoodie or something similar to that. If you opt to go with jeans, wear a dressy top or vest so that your ensemble does not look too casual. You can wear a waterfall cardigan or a boyfriend cardigan for a less formal party. For a more formal party, wear a boyfriend blazer or something that has a bit more structure to give you a less casual look. Tops, camisoles and vests with sequins, lace, corset like tops and sheer fabrics will give you a dressier look as opposed to other plain tops. If you wear a plain top, you can wear an embellished jacket.

Your clothing choices will be based on the person whose birthday party you are attending. You may have to dress a little differently for a colleague’s birthday party compared to one of your close friends, depending on your relationship. If the party is a low key affair for your best friend, you can wear a short dress. If the dress is too dressy, wear a pair of trendy flats for a more relaxed look. If the birthday party is for your boss and it is a day affair, it is safer to go more formal than less formal. However, don’t dress too formal as you will look out of place. A safe bet in this case is wearing a dress that is semi casual such as a shirt dress.

For a dinner party, you can wear evening dresses, flashy accessories and really high shoes. Dinner parties, as a rule, are more formal as compared to day parties and you will be expected to dress the part. You can wear a long gown. You should know your best asset so that you can play up that body part, for example you can wear a backless gown to highlight your back if it is toned and looks good. Long gowns are great for over the top birthday dinner parties and for those that are for people that you have a formal relationship such as a colleague or your employer or your spouse’s family. This is because they are safe, elegant and will make you look stylish.

Comfort is key and you want to look great while still feeling comfortable especially if the party is one you have to spend some time walking about and talking with people. If you are going to wear high shoes, wear those that have a comfortable heel. If you can’t find high shoes that are comfortable, then wear kitten heels as these are comfortable and yet they remain dressy. A short polka dress with a flirty hemline will go well with kitten heels and you will look feminine and you will be comfortable.

If you are going for a dinner party then you may go out to a club or the bar for drinks, then you can opt for a short cocktail or party dress. This type of dress is versatile as it is formal enough for a dinner yet it is fun enough to go to the club. There are various dresses you can pick from, bustier dresses, sequined dresses or a short black dress as this can be dressed up and down easily. Wear accessories that you can easily wear and take off to achieve a transitional look. For example, for the dinner part you can wear understated jewelry such as diamond studs with or without a necklace. To transition your look for the after dinner partying activities, wear a dramatic jewelry piece that will look better in the club.