Types Of Green Power

There are several types of green power you can use at home or at your business location. You may have already seen these in action around town. Green power is becoming increasingly used for new home construction, and in remodeling, and unit size and prices are coming down. The benefit to green power is low ongoing cost, and that it has low or no carbon footprint.

The most widely known type of green power is Solar Power. This captures free energy from the sun. You use special solar panels that turn sunlight into electrical energy, which is then sent to a storage battery for use. The DC battery power can be used that way, or boosted to AC power through an inverter unit for general household lighting and appliance use. Installation is easy, but you need enough room for the panels, which are usually mounted on rooftops. You can save money on electricity with solar power at home. Some new residential neighborhoods are being constructed with solar power stations to obtain zero electrical costs.

Wind Power is another of the types of Green Power commonly captured today. Wind mill farms are springing up all over the country for commercial and community use. Individual wind mills have been used for power for a long time, and smaller units are now being sold for homes. The larger wind mills require more space and are very tall, while new portable units can go anywhere. They join small solar power units for remote and recreational use in camping, on RV vehicles, and on boats.

Water Power is a third type of Green Power available. Water wheels gather energy from rushing streams and rivers. Smart homeowners capture rainfall in barrels for use in the yard and garden. Heated water can be converted to steam power.

Green power is becoming more convenient for home use, as units are being made that fit into the residential landscape with smaller sizes. Portable green power is also becoming popular for remote locations that do not have traditional power availability. There are small foldable solar panels, and miniature wind mills on the market for recreational and wilderness use.

All three types of Green Power are eco-friendly and economical, although there is higher investment up front. The benefits to the earth and humanity outweigh those costs easily!

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