Why a cat scratching post?

cat scratching postCats have a natural urge to scratch. Cats scratch to sharp and clean their claws and to mark their territory. From the perspective of the cat is therefore necessary to allow the cat to scratch somewhere. But you would not want that to be your couch, table and chairs. To prevent the cat to learn this bad behavior, it is important to give a cat scratching post in the home.

Species of cat scratching posts
The most common cat scratching post consists of a wooden pole covered with rough material and has a broad base, which does not fall over the scratching post. Most cats have a preference for lining the cat tree with sisal or corrugated cardboard. There are cat scratching posts in all shapes and sizes. There are scratching posts that consist only of a pole. Cats have different levels crab poles horizontal platforms. These cat scratching posts are ideal for cats to climb and enjoy the sun. There are also cat scratching posts with a kind of house where the cats can retreat to when they feel like it. There are also special kitten scratching posts. These scratching posts are designed for young cats. The size of the kitten scratching posts are specially designed for kittens.

How do I make my cat only scratches the scratching post?
To ensure that the cat only scratches the cat scratching post, it is important that you train her. Make sure you have a reward, where the cat wants to work. This can be food, but a special toy that is not always on the floor can also work well. You can scratch the scratching post, by facilitating a scent on the pole to lubricate. Reward your cat when he scratches the cat scratching post. Brains react very strongly to rewards. Good behavior will repeat soon, when the cat gets rewards for desired behavior.

Where can I buy a cat scratching post?
There are a cat scratching posts at most pet stores. Also you can find it online, there are a lot of sites with pet accessories. There are also people who make their own scratching post construction. If you do this, you should be aware of the dangers. The scratching post should be sturdy and should handle the weight of the cat easily, without falling.