Country Style Home Decoration

Home MaintenanceThere are many ways to create a unique country style home decoration, on a budget. The trick is to focus on a central theme and try not to get overwhelmed at all the distractive ideas that can come with any decorating plan. For instance if your theme revolves around a simple idea of chickens, it will be important not to buy other farm animals such as cows, or pigs in your decorating expenditures. However, a simple idea can be easily expanded especially in a country style home decoration like chickens. This idea can be spread to roosters, eggs, chicken wire, plaid linens, and many more.

It will be important to keep in mind that these ideas can be small and probably should be confined to one area like a kitchen. But they should play into the larger theme for the overall country style home decoration. In the bathroom, a country theme could include ideas such as wash tubs and buckets. Try to keep the idea of old wash-houses and even out-houses in mind. If it’s in the budget change out the bathtub for an old fashion tubs that fits your theme. As an extra tip: copper and tin decorations can go a long way in these rooms.

In the other rooms, it may be easier to find old furniture that can fit into the country style home decoration. For bedrooms, look for medal beds with vertical railings in the head and foot boards. The dressers and chest-o-drawers should be tall and have feet pedestals. As a final though on the expedition of creating a unique country style get out of the house and into some back country roads. Take photos of landscapes particularly rail-road tracks, creeks, and other scenery. Look through them when you get home and have your favorites converted to black and white or tinted in the color of sepia. Even your family photos will work the same and will provide the perfect complement to your country style home. Good Luck and Happy Decorating!