TermitesTermites are usually Australia’s most common enemy because of their migration towards urban areas and as a result, invade people’s homes. That means that any wooden structure within Australia’s mainland is exposed to an unwelcome visit from termites which may infest and devour their house’s structure, damage property and much more.

Termites have first made their appearance millions of years ago and are most commonly found within Australia’s territory. They are divided into three different types of colonies which are referred to as castes, each having a specific purpose:

Worker caste: The worker colony is found in a numerous amount and do not have wings or sight. They are responsible for building galleries and gathering resources.

Soldier caste: The soldier caste has a strong head geared with powerful mandibles which are present for defending the other termites.

Alate caste: The alate caste is considered the most powerful and sacred. They are possible rulers of the colony and are responsible for the reproduction of the species.

Those being said, there is a true social circle amongst termites which keeps everything in order and working properly. Termites are usually found in huge nests which are built by the workers and are most commonly found underground. Other species such as the genera Microcerotermes are building their nests on branches or trunks of trees, distinguished by their dark, conical shape.

Termites usually feed with cellulose from various types of plants. Most of them are making use of different nutrients which are found in the soil and are using them for their nests which when built are fertilizing the surrounding soil and allowing plants to grow on fertile land and thus helping the ecosystem. They are hunted by different kinds of reptiles and insects but are managing to survive as they usually live underground and are protected by the Soldier caste.