Working mothers and stress

Child-Development-StagesWith every new era, another set of challenges arises, and today’s times are not any different. Actually, they are tougher and more expensive than ever before, making it is virtually impossible to raise a family on just one income. This means that, to be able to pay all the bills and put food on the table, many women also have to seek employment.

Because of the financial constraints many families are facing today, and a higher rate of divorced or widowed mothers who are not receiving child support, an increasing number of women are forced to juggle both the roles of mother and employee.  Their decision to work whilst bringing up children is not an easy one, but these women often feel they have no other choice.

Employed mothers have to deal with a lot of stress. On one hand, they may feel they are letting their children down, because they are not always available to take care of their children the way stay-at-home mothers do. On the other hand, they may also feel restricted in their career and miss out on promotions, because they cannot work the long hours their colleagues do. If they do not have a supportive partner, they can indeed be considered handicapped, as they may have to leave work at specific times to pick up the child(ren) from the babysitter, childcare or school, and may require extra time off when the offspring is sick.

Many working mothers have a difficult time balancing their routine activities, and end up in a conflicting situation, which most likely will lead to stress. To confront, and fight their anxiety, these mothers have to first identify their stressors and then find ways to eliminate them. This may be as simple as cooking bigger meals and freezing half to be used at a later date, or making a shopping list and itinerary before heading out the door. Planning and prioritizing often are effective time savers.

The most negative impact working mothers have to deal with is the lack of personal time. Just taking one hour a week to themselves to exercise, read or take a relaxing bath can make a world of difference. If you are one of these busy mothers… just take a minute, and think about it!