Get Your Chimney Inspected Every Year

Most people forget about their chimneys until it’s time to start a fire in the fall and by then it may be too late. It’s better to repair chimney issues before you have a fire in the stack or find your chimney laying in pieces on your roof.

Unfortunately, things do happen. The fact is there are a lot of things we can do to prevent these types of things from happening, which include getting your chimney cleaned annually as well as inspected. Compared to the cost of repairs due to fire or mortar erosion over time, the maintenance that is required is extremely affordable in both time and money.

Getting a chimney inspection takes about two to three hours depending on the chimney and how it’s built. A professional chimney inspector will not only check out the firebox and what you can see but they will send a camera up the stack to check out the buildup of potential fire igniting substances. It’s quite common to find animals nests, sticks and leaves that has entered the chimney as well as creosote buildup that will need to be removed and cleaned.

If you have birds that regularly enter your chimney and you can hear them from the inside then you definitely need to hire an inspector to come out and take a look. Birds, squirrels and other animals can leave behind some pretty interesting stuff that can easily catch fire the next time you use your fireplace.

Making sure the inspection and cleaning takes place each year should always be a priority. In fact, getting someone out in the spring and summer is perfect so you will be ready to go in the fall. A [chimney inspection company in Charleston,SC] is ready to take your call today. You will feel good about keeping you and your family safe.