Broken Hill ‘Silver City’ in Australia

Broken HillBroken Hill is world-renowned for mining. From the city, national heritage overflows in abundance. Amidst the accessibility of the iconic outback, authentic experiences crowns ones holiday in Broken Hill. This is a city that has much grandeur historically and whose people are very hospitable. Broken Hill daily recounts discoveries at night.

Broken Hill is a capsule that breathes and lives. It is an artifact that strongly survives the desert conditions patiently waiting to be rediscovered after a dark past. A walk through its streets reveals art deco fronts of shops that warmly welcome customers.

For almost 130 years, the earth hauled from underneath due to the mining activities has heaped a mountain that casts a shadow over the city at each dawn. A holiday in Broken Hill is for real. To be in this city can be likened unto a discovery of a lost world.

The town is characterized with monuments of the men and women who succumbed to the sufferings of the dark past of the town. It is these people who ensured that Broken Hill survives to date.


Broken Hill stands out as a unique culture in its own right. With a definite outback soul, this is one of the very few cities globally where, standing on a street boundary, at your back will be the city’s population and all their dwellings and an endless view of the red desert at your front.


Located in a desert, Broken Hill has earned her reputation through decades of hardship ever since it was birthed out as a little mining village back in the 1880s. If you hunger for a living museum, then consider a holiday in Broken Hill. Artist like Jack Absalom and Pro Hart originate from this city. If you loved the films Priscillah: Queen of the Desert and Mad Max 2, then a holiday in Broken Hill provides you the chance to walk on the very location where the filming took place.