Creating Beautifully Packaged Gifts

Creating BeautifullyGift wrapping paper has been in use since the early 1500s and can turn any gift into a work of art, especially when well coordinated with tissue paper and ribbons. It doesn’t have to be difficult to create a beautifully wrapped gift. All that’s needed are the wrapping paper, scissors and tape. Place everything on a large, flat surface and roll out the paper, measuring out the amount needed. Secure the paper with tape and cut out the amount necessary to cover the entire package. Fold it over the sides, covering the entire box and tape it up. Ribbons and bows make wonderful finishing touches for any gift.

Accessories for wrapping can make a plain looking gift look really special. Satin bows, beautifully printed boxes, garland, tulle and glossy candy bags can make presents look really unique. Even tape can have cute designs printed on it. Tote bags come in many colors and can be water resistant. These are appropriate for lots of different types of gifts, especially gifts of homemade jarred food where liquids may be an issue. Wine boxes also make perfect packages for gifted bottles of choice wine.

There are some great alternatives to traditional gift wrap. Gift bags can be reused over and again and when they are stuffed with tissue paper, they look very pretty. Paper grocery bags used for gifts can be decorated with beads and glitter and even cloth bags, old maps or junk mail can be made into wrapping for presents. Depending on the gift, different types of objects can be used. A plant can be given in a nicely decorated bucket and gifts of food can be given in glass jars. Colorful ribbons tied around the circumference of the bucket or jar give a wonderful touch.