Possibilities Of Time Travel

Nikola Tesla was tuned into the energy that creates matter. His achievements and inventions, especially the AC motor had a dramatic impact on the 20th century, but he seemed to be more interested in understanding antigravity, invisibility and developing a method to travel through time. Most of Tesla’s ideas were never made public, but they have been used by the government and others to develop new weapons that use radio frequency and particle beams as their source of energy.

At the end of the 19th century Tesla discovered that time and space could be changed by a super charged rotating magnetic field. That discovery was the catalyst for the Montauk time travel projects as well as the Philadelphia Experiment years later. Tesla used high voltage electricity and magnetic fields in 1895 to alter time and space which opened the doorway for another time frame. Tesla actually paralyzed himself within an electromagnetic field and was able to see the present, past and future at the same time. All of those times happened simultaneously within that electromagnetic field, which confirms what quantum physics is discovering now.

Tesla believed that energy could be transferred through space and time and another reality would manifest. He used the physical tools available to him to prove that humans could travel through time and space using the energy that surrounds us. That basic concept has been written about and understood for centuries and was a reality for other civilizations, but there are few records that prove the existence of time travel. Tesla ideas are now being confirmed by Quantum Physics. Time travel has been accomplished by using Tesla discoveries as a foundation for those experiences. As the twenty-first century continues to unfold, the ability to travel through time could become a reality for anyone who is interested in the process. In order to travel through space and explore effectively, time travel must be used again. It’s not a new idea it is a remembered experience thanks to Nikola Tesla.