Tree Lopping and Stump Grinding

Keep Your Landscape Fresh with Tree Lopping and Stump Grinding

Your lawn or land around your home or business can be more attractive, and storm damage to trees can be slowly repaired by the use of tree lopping. This process allows your landscaper to remove sections in the tree, that may have been damaged by lightning.

Landscapers will also use lopping to reshape trees, allowing them to work better in your landscaped area. Limbs and branches can be trimmed, modifying the trees’ shape. If you want a fuller tree, they can trim down the limbs and branches. When they begin to regrow, landscapers can train them to grow in the directions desired.

If your tree has been damaged, tree lopping Brisbane will remove the sections of the tree that are affected by the damage, which allows the rest of the tree to live on. The idea here is that your tree can grow newer branches, and eventually it will be as tall or full as you would like to train it to be.

Stump grinders make usable sawdust or mulch from the stump of a tree that you would like removed. The stump will be shredded into wood material that you can use for mulching or composting. You may be removing a stump because it’s rotting, or simply because it detracts from the looks of your landscaping design.

Removing a stump makes mowing and tilling easier as well, and it can free up space for other gardening plans. In addition, stump grinding Brisbane will discourage fungus growth that may spread in your yard. It’s also helpful if you don’t want the tree to grow back. If grinding the stump doesn’t keep the tree from attempting to grow back, you can have the roots taken out, as well. After your landscapers get rid of the stump, you’ll find that mowing is easier and your yard looks more well-kept.