Decorating Nursery Walls

Decorating-Nursery-WallsThe first step of decorating any nursery wall is beginning with the foundation color. This is the base that will show through any nursery stickers or stencils that show cute pictures or images on the wall.

The color should always reflect the parent’s comfort and provide a space that is calm for the baby. Colors like blue, green, pale purples and grays are ideal when looking for calming shades while pinks, reds and yellows provide stimulation.

The Theme:

After putting down the foundation, parents should carefully consider the theme of the room. The decorating theme can range from something neutral and calm to favorite cartoon characters to fairy tale creatures. The choice is a personal decision.

Using nursery decals such as those available online, parents are able to easily incorporate the theme without the risk of ruining the space or wasting time with stencils. It makes the process easier to manage and avoids complications that might ruin the decor before getting the furniture into the room.

Another reason that parents might opt to use nursery wall stickers is the ease of removal. ‘
Any family that plans to remain in the home for several years will want the flexibility of making changes to the wall as children get older. That includes removing the silly rubber ducky, fairy tale critters or sail boat images. By using stickers, it is easier to remove later.

The walls are the first part of any child’€™s room decor. Parents should always use care when planning the room and start from the basics that make the space safe. The walls present a powerful part of making the space feel warm, comfortable, inviting and safe so that the baby is able to relax and remain calm.