Space Saving Advice When Downsizing

BiodiversityHow to make your transition a little easier

No matter what stage of life you are in, downsizing is usually not an easy decision to make. Parting with your once loved big space and settling into a cozier home means eliminating a lot of things you no longer have the space for, but it also gives you a new opportunity to have a fresh start and create the space you always wanted.

Especially today, many people are realizing the many benefits of downsizing. Purging your life of excess clutter and extra expenses can be a huge lift off of your shoulders. If you are still struggling to make the adjustment, here are a few tips to help you love your new space, no matter the size.

Don’t get overly sentimental with your stuff

Everyone has certain items that are important to them, photo albums, the china that your grandmother gave you, etc. It is important, however, to take a good look at why some of these things are really important to you and if it is necessary to keep them or if it is just more clutter that you can do without. If you have been hanging on to a pair of jeans for years that you no longer wear just because you met your spouse while wearing them, now may be the perfect time to finally say goodbye.

Take advantage of all the storage options you have

If your new place offers free or inexpensive storage units for you to use, use it! Store away all items that you don’t use frequently and keep commonly used items only in your home storage spaces. If you run out of space, ask a neighbor or family member if they are willing to part with some of their unused space.

Take time when you first move in to organize your in-home storage as well. This will maximize the space you have to not only allow you to keep more of your things close by, but also make it easier to sort through and find your things when you need them. Look for rolling shelves and closet dividers to make small closets seem bigger.

Make some small home improvements to create more space

Depending on the building codes in your new home, there are a number of easy and inexpensive projects that you can do to create more space. Removing walls or partitions and instead having one open space can create more room for entertaining and bigger furniture pieces. Take a peninsula out of a small kitchen and replace it with a movable island counter.

You can also replace a traditional staircase with a spiral staircase if you have a send floor or loft. Using a spiral stair kit can make the remodel simple and inexpensive. Find out what limitation you have with your new home and go from there. You might be surprised with the amount of freedom that some places will allow you to make a truly one-of-a-kind space.