Flower Pots and Planters

Whether they are green and leafy, flowering, grassy or tree-like, succulents, or prickly cacti, they all have something in common, they are all plants and they all require their own distinctive growing environment, typical to their species and natural habitat.

To grow successfully, plants need to be properly cared for. This means that lighting, temperature, humidity and soil quality have to be just right. Unfortunately, and unlike popular belief, that is not enough. Choosing the right growing pot, container, or planter also plays a key role in creating that perfect ecosystem your indoor garden needs to thrive.

When planting or repotting a plant, the rule is to choose a container 5 centimeters/2 inches larger than the root mass. If you use a pot that is much bigger it may lead to over-watering, especially if you use one without a drainage hole on the bottom.

Today, using both traditional and modern techniques, a large variety of indoor planters are available to those who like to keep their indoor gardens in decorative containers. Going through garden centers, or visiting sites online, you will find flower pots made out of fiberglass, plastic, wood, ceramic, clay, Terracotta, or some even with a metallic finish. You will also notice the various colors, designs, sizes and shapes such as round, square, urn-shaped, tapered, box-like, or hanging from wires from the ceiling. Some may even be shaped like a delightfully detailed antiqued tractor, or several pots may be placed together on metal garden carts, recreating a bit of the outdoors, inside.

When buying flower pots, match them to your existing interior and scale them to size. A small window sill does not need a giant planter. Also keep their maintenance in mind. Terracotta pots and planters absorb moisture quickly, therefore also dry out fast. Ceramic pots are sealed with glaze, which may crackle, while most wooden planters come unsealed. In that case you may have to get crafty and apply a sealant to prevent fading and splintering.

Going through all the choices you will notice that there truly are planters and flower pots for every environment and taste. It should not be difficult to find the one you like best!