Women’s Health Research

From the time as an eighth-grader when she studied thyroid hormone levels on a rat colony in her family’s living room through years of medical studies and a residency at John’s Hopkins, to becoming the associate clinical research dean and director at–OSU–Ohio State University’s CCTS–Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Rebecca Jackson let nothing stand in the way of reaching her goals or accomplishing all she set out to do, including a heavy involvement in women’s health research.

Automated System Tracks Patient Compliance

Technology is assisting doctors in the identification of patients that fail to take their medications. It is also giving the providers of health-care increased opportunities to improve the compliance of patients. Patients that do not pick up or refill needed medications are being flagged by an electronic prescribing system linked to medical records and a digitized pharmacy at Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

The Journal of General Internal Medicine recently published a study showing that the number of patients actually utilizing their medications was higher in an integrated system of health care than in a non-integrated system. The prescriptions for things such as cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure are collected more often in this environment. It was suggested that those providing health care should link the orders directly to the prescriptions that were dispensed in an effort to identify patients that were not obtaining their prescriptions as directed.

Your Smile

No matter the accomplishments we may achieve, without a bright, white and clean smile, none of this will matter to those around us. Without a well-rounded physical appearance, a bright future could be harder to obtain. Since our physical appearance is what people notice first and foremost, it i€™s vitally important that we present ourselves in the most attractive manner as possible. While many consider a flashy car, tailored clothing or even an expensive home as a sign of good taste and success, one can never underestimate the affect a bright smile can have on continued and future successes.

Presented by the media, the socially accepted perception of beauty is simple. Fit and trim models with heads held high all hold the pinnacle of the socially desired appearance. Enviable looks include heads full of thick, lustrous hair and evenly toned skin complimented by a perfectly styled wardrobe. But nothing can ruin such a vision as quickly as a dingy smile.


Insomnia is more than just simply not being able to fall asleep at night. Waking frequently during the night, or waking extremely early are also common in insomnia sufferers. While most of us have dealt with insomnia at some time or another, it is estimated that over 30% of the general population are true insomniacs. That is, they have recurring difficulty getting tosleep, or staying there.

There are two general types of insomnia. Secondary insomnia is usually brought on by a temporary situation, such as stress, illness, noise, or medication. This type of insomnia often goes away after a week or less, without any form of medical treatment. Making changes in diet, such as avoiding caffeine and not eating late in the day, can help relieve secondary insomnia.

Famous People with Disabilities

There was a time when it was thought that persons with disabilities did not have much hope to lead productive lives. Advances in medicine, education, and public awareness of the nature of disabilities have changed that mindset. A key element in the changing of the public’s perception of what disabled persons are capable of has been the openness of celebrities and other famous people about their own disabilities. Some obvious examples are Stevie Wonder, Christopher Reeve, and President Franklin Roosevelt, who spent most of his precedent-setting fourth term in the White House conducting the affairs of our country from a wheel chair.

Immune System Boosters

Both, long term and short term sickness can take a toll on your immune system. While the recovery cost of either of them could be different, you can still use immune system boosters no matter what the time is and where you are as long as you don’t feel well. Even if you just feeling a little under the weather or just simply don’t want to get sick, few simple things would be able to reconstruct your immune system. If you are vulnerable to flu, cough and cold frequently, then you certainly need to use immune system boosters. With the help of measures below provided, you will be able to do it.

Cooking with kids – safety tips

Being a mom with a kid who hangs around the kitchen while you prepare the family meal is not always easy. Let’s say you are at the stove and the milk to which you have to mix the pudding powder has just boiled and your child has decided to hang themselves around your leg. In the next second you lose your balance, your child is laughing out loud on the floor while you watch as the milk spills over the edge of the stove. Situations like this can be very dangerous for you and for your kid but then again it doesn’t have to. Cooking while your kid is in the kitchen doesn’t have to be dangerous and if you follow the advice given in this article it can be a safe and fun experience.

Working mothers and stress

Child-Development-StagesWith every new era, another set of challenges arises, and today’s times are not any different. Actually, they are tougher and more expensive than ever before, making it is virtually impossible to raise a family on just one income. This means that, to be able to pay all the bills and put food on the table, many women also have to seek employment.

Because of the financial constraints many families are facing today, and a higher rate of divorced or widowed mothers who are not receiving child support, an increasing number of women are forced to juggle both the roles of mother and employee.  Their decision to work whilst bringing up children is not an easy one, but these women often feel they have no other choice.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose Intolerance – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Lactose intolerance means the body can’t digest lactose easily, a kind of natural sugar present in milk and dairy food products. This isn’t exactly the same problem as a food allergic reaction to milk. When lactose sugar moves through the colon or large-intestine without being properly broken down, it may cause uncomfortable signs and symptoms like gas, bloated tummy and belly pain. Some individuals who’ve lactose intolerance can’t digest any dairy food. Others can drink or eat small quantities of dairy food or some kinds of dairy products without having any issues.


What is it and how do I treat it?

Mediterranean-Cruise-SeasicknessWhat is seasickness? Simply stated it is motion sickness while on board a boat or ship. What causes it? Seasickness is basically your inner ear’s inability to adjust for the unfamiliar motion of the ship. Your brain sees walls, floors and ceilings and knows that they should be stationary, yet because the brain now sees them moving, it gets confused, the inner ear can’t compensate and nausea sets in.

About 90% of people get some form of motion sickness throughout their lifetime. People who suffer from other forms of motion sickness such as from cars, carnival rides, airplanes and other types, may find that they are more prone to seasickness. Also, it should be noted that getting seasick on a small boat does not mean you will get seasick on a larger vessel. The motion and movement is different and may not affect a person the same way.

Seeking perfection through cosmetic surgery

cosmetic-surgerySome believe that men and women who seek cosmetic surgery are inherently unhappy with themselves, while others understand that many people just want to look the absolute best they can. For that to happen, cosmetic surgery is sometimes necessary. Cosmetic surgery is a medical field that includes a variety of different procedures all meant to make a person look and feel better about themselves.

Healthy Lifestyle

More and more of an emphasis today is being put on living a healthy lifestyle. People are getting smarter about their health and they are recognizing that if they want to live long, productive lives, they must get off of the couch and do something about their fitness. One of the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle is by purchasing and using gym equipment

It can be hard to keep up a healthy lifestyle when you have to make a 20 or 30 minute trip to the gym every day. Convenience is a factor, so having fitness equipment at your disposal can make a huge difference. This is something to consider if you are looking to change your current lifestyle a little bit.

Health and Feng Shui

Feng shui is the Chinese art or practice of arranging things in a way to create harmony with the spiritual forces that reside in the objects. It is based on the faith in yin and yang patterns and the flow of chi. The objects of interest are graves, buildings, and furniture. Feng shui believers feel that this concept can help people achieve their goals.

There are a variety of ways to improve your health with Feng shui. According to the ancient Feng shui system, the center of the home and the center each room are the areas for health. The way the rooms are decorated can have positive or negative effects on the overall physical, mental, and spiritual health of those living in the home.

Eating healthy on moving day

Simple and nutritious meals on moving day

Simple and nutritious meals will help your body remain in shape for the rigors of moving day. With a little prep time, fast food can be eliminated from the day’s menu and replaced with vegetables and healthy snacks. Plan ahead with easy crock pot meals for a few or a crew of helpers. Borrow several pots from friends or neighbors and enjoy a bowl of chili, vegetable soup, or stew on a cold or damp day. Crock pot breakfast casseroles that include bacon and eggs are always a big hit on busy days. Using crock pots with disposable liners makes clean up a cinch.

Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are great snacks that are easy to grab and keep the body going for a day of physical exertion. Wash your fruits and veggies and have them ready to eat for those on the move. Have a cooler full of water and fruit and vegetable drinks ready to keep everyone hydrated. Eating healthy on moving day will keep your movers in good shape and moods balanced for a productive day. Prepare simple and nutritious meals on moving day if you want to get the best performance from yourself and the helpers.

Amazing Green Tea Effects on Your Body

Green tea invites enough enthusiasm nowadays, but you obviously need to know enough about this kind of tea. Green tea in fact can be of several kinds. There are the obvious differences between the Chinese and Japanese variety. Also these varieties themselves could be classifiable into several other types of green tea each with its own unique effects.

Green tea has several properties that render it extremely beneficial for the human body. This fact is evident from the huge body of Chinese and Japanese writing on this subject effects collected over hundreds of years. The great praises the Eastern countries have heaped on green tea is amazing. The successive stages of drinking green tea are supposed to yield joy, peace, ecstasy etc.

Seeking couples counselling for reconciliation

couples counsellingCounselling has helped thousands of people either repair relationships or learn to move on from them. Toxic relationships often come to light during counseling sessions where the counselor can suggest methods for coping in relationships that are struggling to survive. There are specialized counselors to help with every situation that a couple may be dealing with.

Domestic violence counselling helps battered women and men cope with the intricate details of the offense.  This type of counselling is designed to teach victims of violence in the home how to put their lives back together and move on. Clients who seek out the aid of a trained counselor have usually undergone a tremendous amount of self-esteem issues related to the trauma involved in the situation. The treatment is extensive for these clients, but the prognosis is excellent.

How To Install A Water Softener

Hard water can be harmful to appliances and plumbing fixtures. Short of moving, the only solution is a water softener. A water softener San Antonio can be installed by the homeowner. Determine what size softener is needed by the number of gallons used per day. Softeners come in different sizes.

Water softeners should be located in a dry, flat area that is not exposed to freezing temperatures. The softener needs to be located close to an electrical outlet. Shut off the main water line and drain the household plumbing system. Turn on all faucets including outdoor ones to drain the system. The system has to be properly drained to sweat or solder the fittings. Turn off the power to the water heater if it is gas turn the control to pilot.

Choose Hot Tubs Direct

Choose Hot Tubs DirectThe other day I decided I wanted to buy a hot tub. I went to a showroom, but was highly pressured with scary tactics to purchase one then and there, right on the spot without thinking it through. That was the only way, they said, that they could guarantee me the so-called lowest price I’d find anywhere. After I haggled a bit with them, I got so angry I just ran out of the door. Well, one of them followed me and tried to get me to come back in, saying, “I’m sure we can work something out.”

I found this a disgusting, stressful experience. It felt like I was buying a car, another usually horrid experience, although now many car dealers make you a low deal that you don’t have to argue with. I like this new tactic; it makes me want to buy from that place.

Relationship With An Older Man

How To Deal With Being In A Relationship With An Older Man

It is actually a very different experience when dating an older guy as compared to a guy who is younger or your age. In recent times, it has become a common phenomenon for women to date much older guys. Sexual curiosity is one of the drives to this phenomenon. Women have this perception that older men have a vast knowledge in sex and what to do right. However, there are relationships that are based upon love. Older guys are usually distinguished and mature and their romance is quite different. Therefore, it is important that you understand the following tips in order for your relationship to work.

The first thing is that you should not try to be someone you are not. Older guys tend to be more perceptive as compared to younger guys. Older guys are able to spot deceit and lies easily thus, if you pretend they will easily catch on. Therefore, for your relationship to flourish you need to be real and yourself.

Massage Therapy Improves Health and Fitness

Many people enjoy getting massages because it feels good, but some do not realize how it can improve one’s health. Massage therapy is a practice that has been used for many centuries and it is a form of natural medicine. Some of the health and fitness benefits of getting a massage on a regular basis include: reduced level of stress, improved circulation and improved range of motion.


The nails, like the skin from which they are derived, are a portion of the integumentary system. This system helps to protect the person from invasion by bacteria and viruses outside the body. Nails are a type of skin that is harder and located over the ends of the toes and fingers. While they are not necessary for life, nails can make life easier by facilitating gripping, scratching, and picking up very small objects. Nails are also good for getting leverage in small spaces such as under a piece of paper.

How to Determine Your Eyeglass Size

Determining your eyeglass size is especially important when you are considering order glasses online. Fortunately, it’s simple to do, if you have a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses which currently do fit you well. This article is an instructional on how to quickly and easily measure your eyeglass size.

First of all, you will need a small ruler, a flat surface, and a pair of glasses. Place the glasses on the flat surface–a desk or countertop works well–and fold the frame arms inward. Put the glasses down so that their lenses are facing upwards. Now you will take the ruler, and measure the width of one of the lenses in millimeters. Take a moment to write this down. Remember, the width of your lenses will run left to right, not top to bottom.